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Top class sewing technology for home upholstery

The furniture industry faces constantly changing fashion trends. Exciting designs, colours and materials set the tone for the new models. Manufacturers have to be extremely flexible and able to put new ideas into practice without delay. The flexible sewing technology of the Dürkopp Adler machines helps them to meet these requirements. If the existing standards are not sufficient, individual solutions are worked out together with the customer.

Reliable technology

Whether fabric or leather, every new upholstered product is a challenge to the sewing technology. Most different material and thread thicknesses as well as a multitude of difficult sewing operations have to be handled. The Dürkopp Adler concept stands for robust design, long-lasting and high-quality components, elaborate details and safe operability. The result is, above all, reliability.

Upholstered furniture, utility furniture or other sewing tasks in the field of home upholstery - all of them require a special sewing technology. The Dürkopp Adler sewing machines produce seams resistant to maximum strain and complying with the highest demands on quality. Whether single- or twin-needle topstitching, piping or felled seams - Dürkopp Adler sewing machines can always be relied on for precise and neat decorative and assembly seams thus improving the quality features of the upholstered furniture.


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