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Traditionally the Dürkopp Adler products are especially known in the field of men's wear and in the manufacture of upholstery. But we would not have become one of the leading manufacturers of industrial sewing machines, if we offered solutions for these two segments of the sewing industry only. Meanwhile we have gained a good reputation in the field of ladies' wear, and we are well established in the comprehensive segment of technical textiles. 

But also as far as the segments

  • Jeans
  • Sportswear
  • Lingerie
  • Knitwear

are concerned, we can submit you attractive offers. From automatic pocket setters to low-priced standard high speed sewing machines  you will find the entire range of industrial sewing machines at Dürkopp Adler. Also with regard to the production of knitwear we are in a position to provide solutions with certain sewing automates.

Moreover, the Dürkopp Adler  BasicLine  offers a wide spectrum of industrial sewing machines for universal use at an extremely favourable price.

You want us to submit you an offer for a special sewing operation? We are looking forward to your enquiry .


Do you have any questions concerning this area? Please contact us.

Sewing Technology for interior decoration