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Cross-free stitching on shoe uppers


The M-TYPE generation of post bed machine class 888, has set new standards in the shoe production.
When developing the new series, requirements of famous shoe manufacturers were taken into account. Therefore, future-oriented concept was created, characterised by highly efficient sewing parameters, durable construction, and unique flexibility.
Together with the modern design, all it make class 888 an ideal operating means of universal use.
Machine class perfectly fits for a professional performance of the sewing operations on shoes, and different leather articles. To avoid crossed seams at the corners, machine is equipped with electro-pneumatic mechanism for disconnection of left or right needle.
Your advantages
• Machine belongs to M-Type series having all advantages and features
• Independently disconnectable left/right needle
• Automatic bobbin winder with start up function
• Integrated 2nd stitch length and switchable thread tension
• Fast dismantling of hook
• Electro-pneumatic seam back-tacking and presser foot lift

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