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New Premium shoe machines - future oriented technology


Your advantages:
•  M-TYPE 878-M PREMIUM with programmable setting elements
•  Capability of quick changing of roller presser and wheel feed speed in large steps (gathering function)
•  Integrated direct drive with DAC Comfort including advanced Commander (OP8000) operating
   panel ensures optimum functionality
•  Programmable electronic thread tension for reproducible sewing results
•  Programmable sewing foot pressure and sewing foot lifting height by means of integrated step motor
•  Capability of sewing operation programming.
•  Machine-specific software with intuitive user interface for convenient administration of
   sewing parameters
•  Electronic needle positioning and moving to a start-stitch position by jog dial
•  Electronic knee switch with programmable function
Typical field of application :
•  various joining operations in shoe and leather industry with or without gathering function

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