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M-TYPE · The new standard


New models of machines with bottom feed and driven roller presser foot are especially designed for all kinds of leather, textile materials and sport shoes, particularly for sewing thick threads.
Efficient combination of feeding system guarantees stable stitch length and performance.
Machines are equipped with electropneumatic seam backtacking and presser foot lift, enabling to sew thick materials easily.
Your advantages
•  Highest precision on stitch locking even during sewing speed changes
•  Automatic bobbin winder with start up function
•  Pneumatic switchable second thread tension for optimised sewing results
•  Low noise and vibration
•  The powerful and effective feeding system with bottom feed and driven roller presser guarantees excellent material feed when processing different material thicknesses
•  Integrated second stitch length for quick stitch length change
•  Electropneumatic presser foot lifting and backtacking enabling setting of high pressure on foot for sewing of strong materials
•  Large vertical hook
•  Simple needle guard adjustment by screw
•  Device for controlling the difference between the upper and bottom feed from +10 % to –10 % (optional)
•  Fast hook exchange
•  Needle change without tools (single needle machines)
•  New lubricating system with central oil tank and oil pump
•  Roller presser setting by operator without tools (optional)
•  Integrated built-in motor to save energy, easy maintenance (optional– CLASSIC)
•  Switch button for setting a reduced stitch, e.g. at material borders (CLASSIC)
•  Integrated electro pneumatic elements   (CLASSIC)
•  Integrated keypad with ergonomically arranged sensor key (CLASSIC)
•  Easy maintenance and access, only a few tools needed

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