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M-TYPE 669 CLASSIC Goldline – the specialist for tubular workpieces


Sewing processes on tubular workpieces make highest demands on the qualification of the operator and on the efficiency of the sewing technology. The subclasses of the new M-TYPE free arm machine 669 with particularly slim machine arm make it possible to professionally realize difficult sewing processes like assembly and binding operations as well as decorative
stitching on small leather goods and difficultly accessible or tubular workpieces.
A special feature of the 669 is its ability to bind the material edge with low tension. For this operation the bottom feed stroke can be deactivated by just a few steps which enables an optimum feeding movement. Sewing equipment especially adapted to this sewing operation allows a precise binding result combined with maximum productivity and quality.
The 669 CLASSIC Goldline is characterized by further additional functions for higher productivity and increased sewing comfort.

Your advantages:
• 669 CLASSIC Goldline – with automatic basic functions and additional functions like integrated second stitch length, integrated second thread tension, quick stroke adjustment, maintenance indicator and integrated LED sewing lamp
• Slim machine arm diameter of only 50 mm facilitates the handling of difficultly accessible seam areas
• Adjustable bottom feed (with stroke for topstitching operations, without stroke for binding operations)
• Quick change to binding applications
• New hook with large bobbin capacity for longer sewing cycles and a wider sewing thread spectrum
• High productivity due to increased speed up to 3,000 stitches/min.
• Excellent climbing properties avoid shortened stitches and material damage at thick spots or cross seams
• Smooth, adapted sewing and feeding properties by means of quick stroke adjustment with automatic speed reduction (CLASSIC Goldline)
• New hook cover allows time-saving bobbin change
• New thread trimming system for sewing threads up to 15/3 (CLASSIC)
• Pneumatic additional thread tension for excellent stitch formation when sewing over thick spots (CLASSIC Goldline)
• Safety clutch protects against hook damage
• New lubricating system with adjustable hook lubrication
• Sewing drive fastened at the machine head

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