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M-TYPE D868 – Perfect topstitching operations


Twin needle lockstitch post bed machines with integrated drive and digitally programmable setting elements for medium-heavy duty applications

Your specific advantages of the M-TYPE DELTA D868:
• M-TYPE DELTA with programmable setting elements for reproducible sewing results
• Enlarged bobbin capacity due to XL hook (Ø 28 mm)
• Integrated sewing motor with network capable “DAC flex control” incl. operating panel Commander Delta ensures optimum functionality and maximum ease of use for “Industry 4.0 applications”
• Machine-specific software with intuitive user interface for convenient administration of sewing parameters 999 storage locations for machine settings (setup) or complex seam programs with 30 seams or sections max
• Graphical visualisation of the process progress within the seam programs
• Programmable setting elements for stitch length adjustment, sewing foot stroke, sewing foot pressure and sewing foot lifting height and needle thread tension by means of integrated stepper motor
• Integrated material thickness detection (MTD) for optimization of sewing parameters during the sewing process
• Optimised working area due to enlarged clearance of 350 mm x 297 mm
• Reproducible handling due to electronically driven, programmable edge guides (optional)
• Easy and precise needle positioning due to electronical handwheel (scroll wheel)
• Improved sewing results due to new sewing kinematics, especially for thinner sewing materials
• No compressed air required (except the use of additional equipment like needle cooling or remaining thread monitor)
• Huge range of application-specific sewing equipment

Typical field of application
Reproducible topstitching operations in the field of home and car upholstery

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