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M-TYPE 868 CLASSIC – the left handed post bed machine with inbuilt sewing motor for perfect topstitching seams


The high rate of decorative stitching operations in the production of car seat covers, dashboard coverings and door panels as well as the fashion trend towards thick leather materials for upholstered furniture require optimally adapted and high-performance operating means.
The single needle and twin needle post bed machines of the M-TYPE series have been especially designed for these manifold fields of application and offer maximum flexibility owing to their wide spectrum of performance. The great variety of equipment makes it possible to use these machines for a multitude of applications on the sector of medium-heavy duty decorative stitching. The design typical for the M-TYPE and the ergonomically arranged operating elements guarantee maximum ease of use for topstitching operations on three-dimensional workpieces.

Another milestone of the M-TYPE platform is the innovative drive concept from Dürkopp Adler.
Machines with the sub-classification “M” are provided with a factory fitted integrated DC Direct Drive.
These power sources stand for maximum torque without gear reduction, impressive dynamics in the acceleration and braking phases during sewing, precise stop positioning of the needle even at high operating speed, highly energy efficient as well as a quiet and vibration free machine operation.
Another integral part of the drive concept is the in-house designed control unit.
The DAC CLASSIC (Dürkopp Adler Control) with the corresponding operation panel OP-1000 is tailored designed to the Direct Drive characteristics and in terms of functionality and user comfort, leaves little to be desired.

Your advantages
• DA Direct Drive, integrated in the upper housing, with superior penetration power in combination with the excellent stitch technology of the M-TYPE
• Impressive dynamics in the acceleration and braking phases during the sewing operation
• Precise stop positioning even at high operating speed
• Quiet and vibration free machine operation
• Very energy efficient
• Service friendly machine and drive concept
• Gearless power transfer without belt reduction
• DAC CLASSIC controls including operation panel OP-1000 for optimum functionality and extraordinary user comfort
• Machine identification system for the administration of specific machine parameters
• The slim sewing head and the slim post bed facilitate the handling of difficultly accessible seam areas
• Up to 12 mm long stitches for decorative topstitching seams
• Pneumatic additional thread tension for excellent stitch formation when sewing over thick spots
• Thread sizes up to Nm 10/3 max.
• Excellent stitch pattern, constantly tight stitch formation, even with large stitch lengths and extreme thread sizes
• Robust thread trimmer with a remaining thread length of 15 mm only
• Equipment features corresponding to the M-TYPE CLASSIC version like thread trimmer, automatic backtacking, pneumatic sewing foot lift, integrated LED sewing lamp and maintenance indicator

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