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867 AUTOMOTIVE – Tailored subclass of M-TYPE for the automotive industry


Optimised functions for the car seat production:
• No manual trimming of remaining threads required. The short thread trimmer guarantees a remaining thread length of approx. 5 mm only.
• Reduced quality controls during the production process due to short remaining threads and neat seam beginning
• The process reliability required in the car seat production is guaranteed – all adjusting elements can be fixed mechanically thus eliminating unintentional alterations by the operators.

Your advantages in production:
• Short thread trimmer with a remaining thread length of approx. 5 mm only
• High process reliability due to fixable adjusting elements
• Increased productivity by means of the XXL-hooks with maximum bobbin capacity (70% more bobbin capacity than the standard hook)
• Neat seam beginning by standard thread clamping device
• Stitch length limited to 9 mm (max. 12 mm)
• Central oil wick lubrication (minimum lubricating system)
• Thread sizes up to Nm 15/3
• High production performance with a sewing speed of up to 3,400 stitches/min.

Advantages for the operator:
• Excellent view on the sewing area
• Integrated LED sewing lamp
• Low noise level
• Integrated keypad with favourite key
• Max. sewing foot lift 20 mm
• Max. sewing foot stroke 9 mm

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