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867-392040 "LG"

The M-TYPE flat bed machine for binding operations – precise and with low tension


The precise, tension-free execution of binding operations on car mats and folding tops of convertibles requires the use of perfectly designed special machines. The new M-TYPE flat bed machine class 867-392040 with moving binding device for a tension-free tape feed, is optimally suited for the processing of flat workpieces with inner and outer radii.
Specially made binding attachments adapted to the different tape and material structures as well as to the dimensions of same allow the unproblematic processing of tapes folded on one or two sides or with open edge.

The advantages of the 867-392040:
• Moving binding device for low-tension binding operations for applications with inner and outer radii
• Great variety of standard binding attachments
• XXL-hook with high bobbin thread capacity reduces bobbin changes to a minimum

High-performance machine parameters:
• Max. sewing speed up to 3.000 stitches/min
• Max. sewing foot lift up to 20 mm
• Max. stitch length up to 12 mm
• Max. thread size Nm 10/3
• High top feed stroke up to 9 mm

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