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The new M-TYPE lockstitch flat bed machine with large horizontal hook in CLASSIC Goldline version


• Large horizontal hook and sewing kinematics for high seam quality, secure and tight stitch formation with thread sizes up to max. Nm 15/3
• The large clearance (335 mm wide and 125 mm high) facilitates the handling of large-area workpieces
• Extremely high sewing foot lift
• The high top feed stroke allows a safe climbing over differently high material plies
• High efficiency owing to automatic functions like thread trimming, automatic backtacking and pneumatic sewing foot lift as well as additional functions like integrated second stitch length, additional thread tension and quick stroke adjustment

Typical field of application
Universal sewing operations in the field of medium-heavy duty applications

Performance features
• Max. stitch length 9 mm
• Max. sewing speed 3,000 stitches/min.
• Max. alternating sewing foot stroke 9 mm
• Max. sewing foot lift 20 mm

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