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M-TYPE 867-M ECO with XXL-hook


ECO and CLASSIC describes clearly defined level of functionality and upgradability of all machines out of the M-TYPE platform. ECO stands for perfect seam results, low maintenance construction and a modern design without automatic functions like thread trimming, sewing foot lift, back tack, etc.

Your advantages
• Integrated direct drive with DAC eco M-TYPE control
• The powerful and effective feeding system with bottom feed, needle feed and alternating top feed guarantees trouble-free and displacement-free material feed
• The extremely high sewing foot lift up to 20 mm facilitates the feeding and removing of bulky workpieces
• The high top feed stroke up to 9 mm allows a safe climbing over differently high material plies
• Large clearance of 335 mm wide and 125 mm high
• Excellent view on the sewing area
• Increased productivity due to the XXL hook (70% larger bobbin capacity in comparison to the standard hook)
• Complete range of sewing equipment, attachments and optional equipment, i.e. optimum equipment for nearly all sewing operations

Typical field of application
Universal sewing operations in the field of medium-heavy duty applications

Performance features
• Max. stitch length 12 mm
• Max. sewing speed 3,400 stitches/min.


The control „DAC eco M-TYPE“ has been especially designed for the M-TYPE ECO machines with DA direct drive and is integrated in the casing of the direct drive – nearly invisible for the user.

The advantages:
• DAC eco M-TYPE control with convenient basic functions like needle positioning, soft start and realization of a pedal-operated single stitch
• Programmable parameters like maximum sewing speed, soft start speed and number of soft start stitches
• Machine identification system for the management of machine-specific parameters
• The control is completely integrated in the machine casing. No further installation work is required when putting the machine into operation (Plug and Play)

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