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867 CLASSIC Silverline – High Technology with perfect price-performance ratio


ECO and CLASSIC describes clearly defined level of functionality and upgradability of all machines out of the M-TYPE platform. ECO stands for perfect seam results, low maintenance construction and a modern design without automatic functions like thread trimming, sewing foot lift, backtack, etc.
CLASSIC Goldline means machines with highest level of convenience and performance for maximum efficiency and flexibility.
The new CLASSIC Silverline subclasses of 867 with its equipment characteristics take place between the ECO and CLASSIC Goldline version. Automatic functions like sewing foot lift, thread trimmer and automatic backtacking combined with the huge range of sewing equipment and additional equipment these machines meets the requirements in the field of medium heavy duty applications.
The subclass 867-190145 is equipped with a short thread trimmer with a remaining thread length of approx. 5 mm only. The thread clamping device guarantees a neat seam beginning and is offered as standard. This machine class can be optional equipped with a locking set for adjusting elements to increase the process reliability.
Optimised functions for the car seat production:
• No manual trimming of remaining threads required. The short thread trimmer guarantees a remaining thread length of approx. 5 mm only.
• Reduced quality controls during the production process due to short remaining threads and neat seam beginning
Your advantages in production:
• Short thread trimmer with a remaining thread length of approx. 5 mm only
• High process reliability due to fixable adjusting elements (Optional)
• Increased productivity by means of the XXL-hook with maximum bobbin capacity (70% more bobbin capacity than the standard hook)
• Neat seam beginning by standard thread clamping device
• Central oil wick lubrication (minimum lubricating system)
• Thread sizes up to Nm 15/3
• High production performance with a sewing speed of up to 3.400 stitches/min.

Advantages for the operator:
• Excellent view on the sewing area
• Low noise level
• Integrated keypad with favourite key
• Max. sewing foot lift 20 mm
• Max. sewing foot stroke 9 mm
The subclass 867-190125 corresponds to the 867-190145, but it is equipped with a large vertical hook.

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