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M-TYPE triple feed machine SENSITIVE – the specialist for fine materials


• Optimized sewing kinematics for perfect sewing results in particularly fine materials
• Special sewing equipment with fine toothing for a material feed without any marks
• Hooks coated with diamond-like carbon for minimum oil consumption at the sewing point
• Coated needle bar, walking foot bar and presser foot bar for minimum oil consumption in the machine head
• Non-Adhesive coated hook covers for trouble-free material feed
• Automatic basic functions like thread trimmer, automatic backtacking and pneumatic sewing foot lift
• New pneumatic venting system for reducing the noise level

Typical field of application
Joining topstitching operations in particularly fine materials

Performance features
• Max. stitch length 7 mm
• Max. sewing foot lift 16 mm
• Max. alternating sewing foot stroke 9 mm
• Max. sewing speed 3,800 stitches/min

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