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756 A

Innovative and powerful piping technologies for straight or slanted pocket openings



The new generation of piped pocket sewing units is Extended by the class 756 A.

The 756 A stands for high-performance technology in use for straight or slanted pocket openings.


TOP Highlights:

  • Programmable needle transport for materials difficult to Transport
  • Special “knitwear mode” for tension-free sewing of piped pockets
  • Programmable laser marking lamps in longitudinal directions
  • Maximum precision in the corner cuts due to automatic or multi functional corner knife station 

Your advantages:

  • Stepper motor-controlled transport clamp adjustment with material spreading – e.g. for lining or stretch material
  • Programmable transport clamp pressure for different materials such as lining applications with reinforcement tape and stretch materials
  • Modern, reliable and network-capable Dürkopp Adler control technology “DAC comfort”, with high-Resolution touch panel OP7000
  • Touch panel with color graphic display for easy programming and fast access to all parameters - intuitive operating concept with freely configurable user interface
  • Copy of machine parameters via USB stick
  • Saving of the machine parameters in the machine ID
  • Fast color changing possible by separately driven bobbin winder
  • Stepper motor driven center blade drive with Extended flexibility in material use due to adjustabel knife stroke – low knife wear
  • Reduced bobbin change due to double bobbin volume with large vertical hook
  • High safety sewing thanks to needle thread and bobbin monitor in the standard of the sewing unit
  • Automatic flap slant scanning possible from left and right
  • Processing of trousers pockets with extra wide piping strips up to 60 mm left, with integrated blowing device (option) for the raising of the extra wide piping
  • Pocket sizes from 20 – 240 mm selectable (depending on sewing equipment)
  • Needle distances from 8 – 30 mm can be selected, short conversion time from one to the other needle distance (approx. 30 min.)
  • New folder concept
  • Optimized folder lowering
  • Quick-change connector for sewing head exchange
  • 2 nd thread tension for safe sewing start

Performance example in 480 min.:

  • Single- or double piped pockets with flap in front jackets: approx. 1,300 – 1,600 pockets
  • Double piped pockets in hind trousers: approx. 2,200 – 2,600 pockets


Product Video: 

Teaser Video:

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