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745-35-10 F

The convenient one – for the production of jackets


For straight and slanted piped pockets, flap pockets and breast welt pockets with feeding and matching device for chequered or striped flaps, automatic feeding of piping strips and additional parts. With fully automatic flap slant recognition and automatic corner knife adjustment. Optionally with automatic incision of the piping ends.

  • Automatic feeding of piping (as per stripes), flap (as per pattern) and pocket bag
  • High output due to fully overlapped working method
  • Fully automatic corner knife adjustment with automatic adaptation of the seam offset by means of flap slant recognition
  • Automatic incision of piping ends
  • Large clour graphic display with indivdually adaptable user interface
  • Needle thread and bobbin thread monitor for optimum safety while sewing


  • Flip stackers, tape feeders, suction devices, material rests etc. are available for optimizing the workplace

The sewing unit 745-35-10 F has been upgraded as follows:

  • Touch screen OP7000 with colour graphic display for easy programming and quick access to all Parameters – intuitive operating concept with freely designable user interface for functions
  • All pocket parameters are freely programmable
  • High-quality control system with DAC comfort and Machine-ID
  • Machine parameters can be copied by USB flash drive
  • Saving of machine parameters in machine-ID
  • Transport clamp K35 for an increased sewing quality due to very simple adaption to the application

Typical fields of application

  • Patternd and plain outside pockets of men's jackets

Performance features

  • 1,500 - 2,000 outside pockets / 480' *

* = depending on pocket shape and number of additional parts

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