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Darts and waist pleats quickly and easily


The sewing unit 743-221-01 (doublelockstitch) for sewing darts and waist pleats fascinate by their compact design.
The operator can change between the operations “darts” and “waist pleats” within a few seconds simply by replacing the template set. Moreover, the sewing unit guarantee an extraordinary quality of darts and waist pleats, which is achieved also by inexperienced users thanks to simplest operation.

More quality:
• Constant quality of darts and waist pleats due to most accurate repetition
• Constant sewing results in different materials
• Tension-free loading due to vacuum table (optional equipment)

More productivity:
• Fully overlapped working method
• Short cycle times
• Most easy operation, thus short training periods and low training costs
• Precise quick adjustment for various dart angles
• Short distribution times due to large area hook with high bobbin capacity (743-221-01)
• Low downtime due to maintenancefree motor technology, service-friendly adjustments
  aids as well as the test and monitoring system 'Multitest'

More flexibility:
• Trouble-free processing of all kinds of clothing fabrics due to materialindependent feed system
• Quick change between the operations 'darts' and 'waist pleats' by means of simple exchange
  of the template set

Performance examples:
• 743-221-01: approx. 6.500 darts or waist pleats in 480 min.

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