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Lockstitch-buttonhole indexer for shirt and blouse fronts


The 841 is a sewing unit for automatic sewing of buttonholes in front parts of shirts and blouses. The operator positions the front parts in the loading station. The transport to the sewing station, the sewing and cutting of the buttonholes as well as the subsequent stacking are done automatically. 


Your advantages:

  • Accurate alignment and displacement-free buttonholes by continuous clamping of the whole front placket during the entire sewing process
  • Exact repetition and precision due to synchronous running of clamping frame and sewing head
  • Vacuum assistance in the loading station for an accurate positioning of the workpieces and a precise transfer of the front parts to the clamping frame
  • Fully overlapped working method: While one part is sewn, the next one can already be positioned and the sewing process is started by knee lever – up to 4 sewing units can be operated by one person
  • Number and distance of the buttonholes are freely programmable
  • Free programming of individual buttonhole sequences
  • Electrical thread tension for individual adaptation of the thread tension values within the buttonhole (optional)
  • Buttonhole size freely programmable, no knife Change required
  • Very short cycle time: The buttonhole is cut during the sewing process already
  • Needle thread monitor and bobbin thread control (buttonhole counting)
  • Programmable needle thread tension in relation to the consumed bobbin thread
  • Adjustable distance of the buttonholes to the front edge
  • High stacking capacity, even when processing thick materials
  • Selectable feeding positions for shirts and blouses
  • Various starting points can be set in the program, but only one positioning point required
  • High precision due to step motor-controlled material feed
  • The pneumatically tiltable machine head allows easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Maintenance- and service-friendly by means of simple mechanical construction

Performance examples:

  • 841-100-01: Approx. 1,200 buttonhole plackets with each 6 buttonholes in 480 min.

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