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CNC-controlled automatic lockstitch buttonholer


Buttonholes visually round off a product. In the shirt they are always in the field of vision and therefore play a decisive role in the appearance of the clothing. Irregular and badly cut buttonholes are therefore not wearable. Make sure that the buttonholes of your shirts, blouses and dresses meet your quality standards - with our 540-10.
Sophisticated sewing kinematics paired with a perfect cutting system and optional electronic needle thread tension make your buttonholes a guarantee for high quality. The 540-10 also has a lot to offer when it comes to flexibility, whether it comes to buttonholes in outerwear, workwear or belt guides in the automotive sector.  Thanks to the stepper motor controlled knife, the buttonhole incisions are made even more precisely and the cutting length can be adjusted independently of the buttonhole length.

If another buttonhole length is desired, a knife change is made superfluous by the cutting system. Due to the free programming possibility and a sewing field of 6 mm x 70 mm - the fields of application are unlimited. A optonal swivel mechanism does not only allow a longitudinal, but also a transversal instalation so that a optimum workplace design is achieved.


  • approx. 6,500 buttonholes in 480 min. (134 stitches/buttonhole)
  • Sewing speed max. 4,000 stitches/min
  • Sewing field size: 6 x 70 mm

Typical Application:

  • Classic and casual men‘s shirts
  • Classic and casual ladies‘ blouse and dresses
  • Classic and casual ladies wear
  • Workwear
  • Seat belt openings, e.g. in children’s safety seats for cars

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