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Automatic 2-thread chainstich eyelet buttonholer with innovative Multiflex cutting system


  • Long thread trimmer for needle thread, looper thread and gimp thread for subsequent bartacking of the buttonhole
  • Different buttonhole shapes and lengths without change of cutting tools
  • Light barrier for automatic recognition of the sewing position and activation of the correct buttonhole (e.g. edge buttonhole or lapel buttonhole)
  • Equipment for standing operation
  • Electronically controlled needle thread tension guarantees perfect buttonholes
  • Cutting force optimisation maximizes the life time of the buttonhole knives
  • Cutting before or after sewing*

Typical field of application

  • The perfect automatic buttonholer for the production of jackets and coats. Edge buttonholes and lapel buttonholes are automatically recognized and sewn alternately.

Performance features

  • Cutting length 8 - 38 mm*
  • Diameter of round eyelets 1 - 5 mm*
  • Max. sewing speed 2,500 stitches/min.

* = according to sewing equipment

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