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Eylet Buttonholer


  • Short thread trimmer for needle thread, looper thread and gimp thread (in case of round eyelets the bobbin thread is cut manually)
  • Shortened cycle time due to technical upgrade and optimized software
  • Control panel with grafic display
  • Efficient approved construction
  • Gimp thread control (optional) to increase production and secure quality
  • Double stitching function for expressive buttonholes with thin thread size
  • Sewing equipment with special upper fabric clamps to sew buttonholes in trousers waistbands*
Typical field of application
Eyelet buttonholes and 2-thread chainstitch round eyelets in jeans, sportswear and workwear
Performance features
  • Cutting length 12 - 36 mm*
  • Diameter of round eyelets 1 – 5 mm*
  • Max. sewing speed 2,500 stitches/min.
*= according to sewing equipment

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