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Automatic 2-thread chainstitch eyelet buttonholer


  • Short thread trimmer for needle thread and looper thread
  • Large display with graphical user's guidance for convenient and easy programming of all buttonhole parameters
  • Excellent stitch formation due to stat-of-the-art sewing kinematics
  • Electronically controlled needle thread tension gurantees perfekt buttonholes
  • Cutting force optimsation maximizes the life time of the buttonhole knives
  • Integrated sewing lamp for perfect lighting of the sewing area
  • Semi-submerged machine head for optimum view and fatigue-free sitting position
  • Cutting before or after sewing*

Typical field of application

  • Buttonholes (without gimp thread) of every shape and length

Performance features

  • Cutting length 6 - 38 mm*
  • Diameter of round eyelets 1 - 5 mm*
  • Max. Speed 2,500 stitches/min

        * = according to sewing equipment


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