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Automatic double-chainstitch eyelet buttonholers with CNC step motor technology


MULTIFLEX application – Sewing and cutting of 2 different shapes:
Easiest conversion for applications in the field of military clothing or jeans. Example: Sewing and cutting of eyelet buttonholes with gimp, taper bar and round eyelets without gimp in rapid change and cutting all sewing threads short (581-341 with sewing equipment E3401/E3421).

With the 581 MULTIFLEX the selection of 2 different buttonhole knives together with the short topmounted cutting block facilitates virtually any length and any shape in any conceivable combination. Different lengths are automatically performed by single or multiple cuts.
If just 2 different buttonholes are required the operation mode MONOFLEX allows the combination of 2 buttonhole knives and one cutting block. This facilitates the choice between 2 different cut lengths and shapes. All buttonholes are cut open with a single cut – highest productivity by shortest
possible cycle time!

Your advantages
• Multiflex cutting system: different buttonhole styles and lengths – without change of cutting tools
• Trimmer for needle thread, looper thread and lower gimp cut short.
• Shortened cycle time due to technical upgrade and optimized software
• Efficient approved construction
• Operating panel with grafic display – comfortable and easy operation due to the well proven
  Dürkopp Adler control system
• Brilliant perfect stitch formation, even in most delicate materials, by programming of condensed
  stitches, throw width, bartacks, eyelet shape as well as the cutting mode
• Double stitching function for expressive buttonholes with thin thread sizes or for “gimp appearance”
• Maximum versatility of use, especially in the production of ladies’ and men’s outerwear,
  sportswear,  jeans and leather goods, by a wide variety of supplementary kits and optional
• Spacer for the distance between the buttonhole to the fabric edge as standard
• LED sewing light as standard

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