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Optimized work station for taping operations of sleeve crowns


Precise taping and pre-ruffling operations are the basis of the perfect sleeve. Exact repetition and efficiency are in the focus of the optimized work station 610-10 for taping operations and the work station 630-10 for pre-ruffling operations. The latest step motor technology guarantees a consistently high quality. The control panel with touch screen includes the software for automatic grading – neither expert knowledge nor Manual input of grading values is required. The grading values are part of the machine intelligence and are applied automatically.

Your advantages

  • Finest fullness nuances by means of differential top and bottom feed, individually selectable, step motor-controlled, exact repetition even in difficult fabrics
  • Parameters like needle and bobbin thread tension, stitch length and speed can be programmed per step for a perfect stitch pattern independent of the material
  • Ergonomically designed work station for fatigue-free working with integrated LED sewing light and optimal view on the material to be processed
  • Short training times due to easiest operation
  • Easiest programming possible by 'teach-in' procedure and automatic mirroring for the second sleeve
  • Constant fullness with exact repetition due to patented light stroke system
  • Smooth machine movements for quiet, vibration-free machine running
  • Service-friendly calibration instead of time-consuming mechanical adjustment

Control panel OP7000 with touch screen:

  • Touch screen with coloured graphic display of the seam course – self-explanatory
  • Programming in the size of your choice – standard grading values automatically calculate the program for every size
  • Internationally comprehensible symbols for short Training times
  • Training time for programming is reduced by more than 50 %
  • Up to 80 % faster seam programming compared to the classical method
  • Quick and easy software update and sewing program saving by USB stick

Advantages of tape unwinder and tape scissors 610-10:

  • Tape feed with improved tape clamp for safe tape feeding
  • Modified tape feed – for a better view on the sewing area
  • Lower time and material costs since no later trimming of tape ends is necessary

Performance examples in 480 minutes

  • Pre-ruffling of approx. 450 – 500 pairs of closed sleeves
  • Pre-ruffling of approx. 550 pairs of open sleeves
  • Taping of approx. 420 – 450 pairs of armholes in men’s jacket front parts

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