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Two-thread chainstitch rotary sewing unit


The 971-01 is a rotary sewing unit for runstitching and subsequent trimming of cuffs of shirts
and blouses. The cut cuff parts are fed by the operator, runstitched and then trimmed and stacked.
In the meantime the operator can continuously feed the sewing unit with further material.
The rotary sewing unit consists of four stations.
The cuffs in the material clamps are processed in fully overlapped
working method and pass the following sewing areas:
Station 1 – material feed:
At the deposit table the cuffs are placed in the material  clamps
by the operator. The cuff parts are completely prepared.  The material
clamps open and close automatically. Intermediate lifting for
correction is possible by actuating the foot pedal.
Station 2 – runstitching the parts:
The sewing head follows the control cam and sews
 precisely along the contour of the material clamp.
Station 3 – trimming the seam allowances:
The trimming head also follows the control cam and trims the seam
allowances of the cuffs precisely. Furthermore, the thread
chain is cut at the seam beginning and the seam end.
Station 4 – stacking of parts:
The material clamps open automatically. The gripping arm of the stacker
pulls the finished cuffs out of the material clamps into the stacker.

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