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Premium high-speed sewing machine "Semi-Dry-Head" with direct drive


With an energy-saving and maintenance-free direct sewing drive integrated in the machine head the new generation of high speed sewing machines 281 sets new standards.
The “Semi-Dry-Head” (with minimum lubrication of the needle bar and hook lubrication) avoids stains on the workpieces and guarantees quiet running and durability. The Premium design laid out according to ergonomic aspects with handily placed function keys, as e.g. the push button for manual backtacking, improves the handling in case of difficult sewing operations. The handwheel for adjusting the sewing foot pressure allows a quick and reproducible adaptation to various materials.
Apart from the thread nipper for a neat seam beginning, the thread trimmer and the automatic backtacking the basic equipment of the 281 also includes the motor control panel as well as a sewing equipment for light-weight to mediumweight material. The machine is also equipped with an electromagnetic sewing foot lift .
The high-performance technology, the excellent seam quality and the manifold fields of application make the 281 a universal operating means with high flexibility of use on all sectors of the garment industry.

Sewing equipment for binding operations for e.g. face masks (not certified) 

From now on we can offer you the full set for binding operations for the 281. This includes a sewing equipment and the tape holder for optimum binding results. 

0281 590164  

Sewing equipment including throat plate feed dog, sewing foot and binder (N015) for tape widths of 34-36 mm 

0067 000904 

Tape reel from above to be screwed on table top, plate diameter 170 mm 

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