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Single-needle 2-thread chainstitch machine with differential bottom feed


  • Energy-saving, integrated positioning drive
  • Soft stitch formation due to automatic adaption of the bobbin thread quantity
  • Tight but elastic seams
  • Constant or partial fullness in the lower material ply
  • A preset fullness can be called up via push-button
  • Reproducible adjustment of stitch lenght and differential feed lenght via dials
  • Automatic sewing food lift and thread trimming
  • Condensed stitches for securing the seam beginning and the seam end

Typical field of application

  • Seams with or without fullness in the lower material ply in light-weight to medium-weight material

Performance  features

  • Max. differential feed lenght 6 mm
  • Max. stitch lenght 4 mm
  • Max. sewing speed 5.000 stitches/min.

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