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Oct 13, 2017:

Dürkopp Adler pursues IP-infringements at CISMA fair

Chinese copyist has to cover Dürkopp Adler´s trademarks

At this year’s CISMA - the most important international industrial sewing machine fair in Asia - Dürkopp Adler AG has again protected its IP-rights against infringement. The largest European manufacturer of industrial sewing machines keeps fighting against the infringement of his intellectual property rights in China. Dürkopp Adler AG has made a stand against the unauthorized use of its trademarks. A Chinese exhibitor from Jiangsu province had to stop infringing Dürkopp Adler´s trademarks Dürkopp Adler and M-TYPE by covering the exhibited trademarks at its booth.

Dürkopp Adler as innovation leader of the industrial sewing machine industry is a popular target of copyists worldwide. For years the key area of IP violations is located in China, where machines are copied and IP rights are violated on large scale.

Dürkopp Adler is firmly discouraging unauthorized use of its industrial property rights and is determined to further pursue the infringement of its IP rights.

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