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Feb 14, 2017:

Dürkopp Adler and a very special veteran car – a glance into the past

From February 3 rd to 5 th, 2017, the Bremen Classic Motorshow opened its doors.

The BREMEN CLASSIC MOTORSHOW is a fixed date in the veteran car scene and an important trading venue in Germany for classic vehicles with four and two wheels at the beginning of the year.

45,577 classic car enthusiasts visited the exhibition to admire the rarities and originals. One of this year’s highlights was a noble exhibit from the historic museum of Dürkopp Adler AG in Bielefeld, the Dürkopp Phaeton.

Although the Dürkopp ND 10/24 PS Doublephaeton is more than 100 years old and consequently the oldest vehicle of this show, it is still an eye-catcher among the numerous unique automobiles.

This classic car was built in the year 1909 by the company Karmann, Osnabrück, on behalf of Dürkopp-Werke. The Dürkopp factory - known and famous for its sewing machines and bicycles at that time – presented its first motorcar already in 1897 and created the first six-cylinder of Germany in 1902.

In 1962 this Dürkopp Phaeton was „imported” from the GDR and initially exhibited in the car museum of Nettelstedt. Later it passed through the hands of several collectors. In 1985 it finally returned to Dürkopp where the production of passenger cars had been ceased in 1927 because of lack of profitability.

Today the probably oldest still existing vehicle with Karmann superstructure has found its place in the factory-own museum in Bielefeld.


Dürkopp Adler AG thanks Wolfram Schulze who takes passionate care of this exceptional veteran car and many further memorabilia from the eventful history of Dürkopp Adler AG since his well-earned retirement.

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