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Jul 1, 2015:

Start of Sale´s: M-TYPE PREMIUM

After a very successfully presentation at this year´s international fairs in Frankfurt and Cologne we are proud to announce the start of sale´s of our latest M-TYPE machine class: 867-M PREMIUM

The particular features of these futureoriented drive and control technology with approved sewing technique of the M-TYPE ensure reproducible sewing results in excellent quality at all times.

At sales start we will offer 4 individual subclasses with distinctive Features regarding hook size (L or XXL) and trimming system (standard, long thread trimmer or short thread trimmer) 

· 867-190922-M

· 867-190929-M

· 867-190942-M

· 867-190945-M

General machine Features:

· M-TYPE machine head 867-M PREMIUM with programmable Setting elements and approved sewing technology

· Integrated direct drive with DAC comfort control incl. control panel OP3000

· Programmable electronic thread Tension (ETT) for constant sewing results

· Programmable stitch length adjustment by means of integrated step motor

· Programmable sewing foot stroke by means of integrated step Motor

· Programmable sewing foot pressure and sewing foot lifting height


Electronic needle positioning by Jog-Dial

· No compressed air required (exception:optional equipment)

· 999 machine settings (setups) or complex seam programs (with max. 30 seam sections) can be stored

· Machine-specific software with intuitive user interface for convenient administration of sewing parameters

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