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Feb 11, 2013:

Dürkopp Adler America, Inc.

Success stories often start with brilliant ideas, sometimes by coincidence or simply by accepting challenges

In the case of DAAI (Dürkopp Adler America, Inc.) it for sure starts with the merger of the Dürkopp and Adler sales subsidiaries back in 1991. Naturally success always requires hard work, perseverance and foremost people striving for that goal.
For DAAI 2012 was one of the best years in history. This impressively proved the vast competence of its 26 employees based out of Norcross, just north of Atlanta. In an economically difficult environment it is professional competence in service and consulting that turns potential business into sale. With an average of 30 years in the industry the sales and service team of DAAI can rely on its expertise making it the base for past and future success.
With its strong focus on the automotive and upholstery industry during times of movement of the apparel industry offshore, DAAI was one of the key factors to establish the Dürkopp Adler group as the leading global supplier of premium sewing machines to the manufacturers of car and home upholstery. The sewing machine classes 467 and 767 laid the foundation for this success. The M-Type platform of machines even extended it.
Throughout the years it became obvious that innovative capital equipment requires a combination of consulting, technical service and a smooth spare parts supply to allow its usage to the fullest and profitable extent. In order to provide exactly what is needed, it is necessary to always listen to the market and develop the sales and service strategy accordingly. Along with highly motivated employees this is what made DAAI one of the most successful sales subsidiaries in the entire Dürkopp Adler group.
Dürkopp Adler is the only manufacturer of industrial sewing machines to maintain an own subsidiary in the US market, allowing a direct key account management as well as a fast and direct co-operation with local dealers. The result is a strong presence in the market.
On the other hand side the commitment to a strong sales and service orientation also implies the main challenge for the future. Patrick Weissgerber, president of DAAI, names achieving a well-balanced age structure as one of his top management priorities for the next years. As a first step the sales team has already been reinforced. It is DAAI’s policy to allow new employees sufficient time to build up knowledge and expertise in order to get prepared for a challenging business environment.
The global trend to locate production closer to the consumer raises the demand to offer highly efficient means of production. Reintroducing sewing automation is one way of complying with this request. The driving force in this regard is the apparel industry coming back from Asia. While just a small percentage of these companies consider the US for building a new production site, the majority intends to relocate to Central America to benefit from the combination of low labor cost and the proximity to the US market. With its engagement in Central and South America DAAI is well prepared to take on this challenge and accommodate the corporate motto “we care”.
Entertaining long lasting and amicable customer relations DAAI is on track to master an ever changing environment.
The most fascinating point with the American people is the ability to reinvent under difficult circumstances and find their way to success with new ideas and energy. We wish our entire team in Atlanta all the success it deserves.

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