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Feb 20, 2012:

Beisler – a strong brand in garment production even stronger in future

There is hardly a name in garment industry, better known for its automation in trouser production. Already in the late seventieth the company was deeply involved in quality and performance improvement of trouser production.

Many inventions which are state of the art today had been firstly designed in Hoesbach near to Aschaffenburg/Germany. The sewing of constantly nice and equal piping pockets is no more a miracle today. A process which took several minutes in the past is made in seconds today. The first automatic units for folding, sewing, center- and corner cutting, had been shown and patented 1969 by Beisler.
Founded 1949, the Beisler GmbH belonged since 1998 to the Duerkopp Adler group.
A WinWin situation was realized when production of the Beisler sewing units moved into the production of Duerkopp Adler in Bielefeld. More flexibility in control units, synergy effects in R&D and sourcing of components were the results. On the other side Bielefeld took profit out of the all over know how of Beisler about special requests in trouser production.
Especially in larger customer projects, the direct connection had a positive effect. Out of the market view the connection of Duerkopp Adler products for jackets and Beisler automatic units for trousers was seen as an ideal supplement. Service, consulting and spare parts out of one hand are for users and producers an unbeatable advantage.
The next logical step has been made 2011, December 31 st. Nearly all business operations of the Beisler GmbH were transferred - also in legal aspects – to the Duerkopp Adler AG. For customers it means only one contact person in sales and service. Quick response to questions and shorter delivery times will be the result. Overall target of the organizational change is to strengthen the brand Beisler.
In a first reaction, customers expressed themselves very positive about the changes made recently. The appearance of Beisler in public media will be supported by Duerkopp Adler directly. By creation of leaflets, pricelists and advertising articles the brand Beisler will be supported by Duerkopp Adler. More presence in media, a fresh, common, new layout will take care of moving the brand “Beisler” more into focus.
This applies especially for the customer target group trouser production. After the brand re-launch during the Texprocess in Frankfurt (May 2011) and the CISMA 2011 in Shanghai, the first positive changes can be seen. A new distribution network is introduced in these days for China, focused clearly to Beisler products. And this is only the beginning. A world-wide product and sales initiative will follow in 2012.
As contact persons beside the known sales representatives of Duerkopp Adler, are the Beisler competence team at your disposition. We wish all our customers and world-wide dealers further success with Beisler sewing automation.

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