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Nov 16, 2011:

The World of Dürkopp Adler Parts – New information service for PC and smartphones sets standards

Expertise, free downloads and news about Dürkopp Adler spare parts in the new blog

„We have hit the mark“, says Thomas Brinkhoff, Head of Parts Business of Dürkopp Adler AG, about the new blog where the company presents important information around its enormous spare parts program.

It took only a few days, and a couple of thousand visitors had used the comprehensive service and downloaded vintage parts books and manuals, informed themselves about the latest and best sewing gauges for the actual machine program and checked conversion parts kits for their machines.

Each week there are new posts for technicians, users and decision takers: Useful information for better identification of order numbers, news about important changes in the spare parts program and alternative sources for obsolete parts. Also maintenance plans for preventive service are offered.

„Our customers buy Dürkopp Adler products because the machines last very long and because you can get spare parts even after decades of usage. We want to support this by clearly arranged information in the internet”, explains Brinkhoff and continues: “We have decided to use the blog as the media because we believe that spare part information should be always available also on mobile devices. This is a great help for technicians when they service a machine”.

Affirmation comes also from Steffen Graf, Service Manager at Dürkopp Adler: „ We are often asked for old documentations and mobile internet service support. Now we are glad that we can help even more users with such kind of services“.

But not only a special view for smartphones is offered, also language support is provided: Amongst standard languages German and English, there is an internet translator which will help to take the hurdle when something is difficult to understand and translates the blog into dozens of other languages.

You can subscribe the service and get new posts by Email and RSS-feeds as well, so that you will never miss any new post.

The next target for Brinkhoff is to communicate directly with users of Dürkopp Adler machines all over the world. He explains: „We have integrated a forum to build up a community of people who seek to discuss and find solutions for spare parts and other optional equipment for Dürkopp Adler machines. Suggestions to improve are highly appreciated“.

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