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Perfect for heavy leather and synthetic materials - twinn needle machine



Your advantages:
• The powerful and effective feeding system with bottom feed and driven roller presser  
    guarantees excellent material feed when processing different material thicknesses
•  Large vertical hook , automatic bobbin winder with start up function
•  Pneumatic switchable second thread tension for optimised sewing results
• Integrated second stitch length for quick stitch length change
•  Electro pneumatic presser foot lifting and back tacking enabling setting of high pressure on foot   
    for sewing of strong materials
•  New lubricating system with central oil tank and oil pump
•  Roller presser setting by operator without tools (optional)
•  Integrated built-in motor to save energy, easy maintenance
•  Switch button for setting a reduced stitch, e.g. at material borders
•  Integrated electro pneumatic elements 
•  On request, machine is available with flat foot  + needle feed for part joining / tape attaching

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